Applied Science University

Applied Science University (Arabic: جامعة العلوم التطبيقية الخاصة) is a private university located in the Shafa Badran suburb of Amman, in Jordan. It was established in 1991 as the largest private university in Jordan in terms of campus area and number of students' enrollment. It is ranked among top universities in Jordan, It was the first private university in Jordan to provide Marketing major, its English programs in engineering and physical sciences are considered one of the best in Jordan and the Middle East. In the academic year 2009/2010 there were 7866 students of whom 2991 (38%) were international students. It has a variety of ways to hold vehicles within the campus, with a parking lot and an organized place to charge electric cars. The campus includes faculties that are embedded with different majors, that are offered in both English and Arabic curriculum. ..More on Wikipedia

Campus Life

Visiting a college can give you a feel for life on campus

Many students say that a college’s size, location and campus “personality” were major factors in their final choice. A college’s student body is an important part of that equation. Ask yourself these questions: Are you interested in being part of a diverse community with people from many different backgrounds? Do you want to be around students who are interested in sports, studying, politics or something else?


Student-faculty ratio

New undergraduates          1597
Enrolled undergraduates    6276
Graduating undergrads      1366
Enrolled graduates             69

Popular Programs

Do you need to choose a major before choosing a college?

No. In most cases, you’ll have plenty of time to choose a major. Most colleges don’t require students to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year, and many students change their major at least once. Some majors, especially in science and engineering, require more specific coursework, so students often need to declare their major a bit earlier.

45%   Business
7%     Computer Science
24%   Engineering
7%     Fine Arts
4%     Humanities
2%     Law
1%     Medical Sciences
8%     Pharmacy
2%     Social Sciences

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