Al Balqa Applied University

Degrees Offered: 
Community college diploma


Al-Balqaʼ Applied University (BAU) (Arabic جامعة البلقاء التطبيقية) is a government-supported university located in Salt, Jordan, was founded in 1997, a distinctive state university in the field of Bachelor and associate degree Applied Education, at the capacity of more than 21,000 student distributed into 10,000 at the bachelor's degree program and 11,000 at the associate degree program. Balqa' Applied University was formed by merging several colleges distributed over almost all of the Jordanian provinces. The merger was the result of royal decree, under the auspices of his majesty the late King Hussein to provide qualified professionals who focus on applied technical studies. A recent stadium was constructed to hold official graduation and ceremonies and was finished in 2011. BAU is ranked 5th on national level, and has achieved an international ranking of 2575 and a regional ranking of 55 according to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities ranking, as well as a regional ranking of 79 according to US News Education ..More on Wikipedia

Programs available at Al Balqa Applied University with minimum admission scores for Jordanians :

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General Medicine 95.0
Electrical Engineering 80.0
Computer Engineering 80.0
Civil Engineering 80.1
Architecture 80.0
Communications Engineering 80.1
Chemical Engineering 80.4
Mechatronics Engineering 80.0
Mechanical Engineering 80.0
Environmental Engineering 81.0
Conditioning Cooling and Heating Engineering 80.4
Computer Systems and Networks Engineering 80.8
Manufacturing Engineering 80.2
Renewable Energy 80.0
Autotronics Engineering 80.0
Surveying and Geomatics Engineering 80.1
Safety Engineering 80.1
Material and Metallurgical Engineering 81.2
Production and Machinery Engineering 80.2
Maternal and Child Health Nursing 79.1
Medical and Rehabilitation Sciences
Paramedics 76.2
Medical Laboratory Sciences 88.0
Information Technology
Computer Science 82.7
Software Engineering 83.9
Digital Forensics 78.3
Cyber Security
Computer Information Systems 77.1
Computer Graphics and Animation 69.7
Biology 71.3
Chemistry 76.7
Microbiology 70.7
Physics 69.1
Shipping Technology 65.2
Accounting 84.1
Business Administration 82.3
Accounting Information System 81.0
Marketing 84.1
Financial and Banking Sciences 79.9
Economics 78.5
Disasters Management 71.4
Hotel and Tourism Management 65.5
Shipping Management and Clearance 68.7
Logistics 68.7
Management Information Systems 77.8
Project Management and Planning 80.8
Offices Management and Information 78.0
Arabic Language and Literature 84.1
English Language and Literature 87.4
Educational Sciences
Vocational Education 69.6
Special Education 74.4
Library and Information Science 78.0
Home Economics
Educational Counseling 77.9
Child Education 78.4
Law 90.4
Islamic Studies 75.0
Social Sciences
Social Work 69.7
Psychology 71.1
Criminology 69.6
Food Science and Technology 85.5
Plant Production 65.0
Agricultural Biotechnology and Microbiology 65.3
Plant Protection 65.5
Land, Water and Environment Management 65.0

Campus Life

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Student-faculty ratio

New undergraduates          8170
Enrolled undergraduates    32183
Graduating undergrads      6292
Enrolled graduates             1177

Popular Programs

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2%     Agriculture
30%   Business
9%     Computer Science
13%   Educational Sciences
29%   Engineering
7%     Humanities
2%     Medical Sciences
2%     Sciences
6%     Social Sciences
0%     Other

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PLEASE NOTE: College Search profiles are based primarily on information obtained from government agencies and university websites. Costs, dates, policies, and programs are subject to change, so please confirm important facts with college admission personnel. The lowest minimum score mentioned applies to Jordanian students only. Lowest minimum score for international students is 5% to 15% less depending on the major. An execption would be needed from university administration