International Business

Secondary education streams:
Health, Home economics, Hotel, Information Technology, Literary, Religion, Scientific
"International Business" is activities related to the exchange of goods or services between different countries to satisfy the needs of each one. In the academic field, it is a career in which you can find many job opportunities since you get to learn from how to manage a company to how to take it to the market and stay in it. Likewise, within the markets you will be able to analyze the different existing competencies to compete in a better way. In addition, it generates the opportunity to communicate with other cultures that help in economic growth. "International business" generates greater knowledge and skills to analyze the geographic, demographic, economic and political situation of a country. With this broad knowledge, you can know the guarantee of being able to exchange goods and services. It also generates great benefits for companies to reduce costs, improve quality and obtain raw materials more efficiently. It is a broad field that expands technological innovation for the growth of companies and at the same time helps in the growth of countries. Currently it is a field that is constantly changing and consolidating due to the increase of international relations and technological development that helps to advance the world. ..More on Wikipedia
Universities with the lowest accepted score to the program
University of Jordan
University of Bedfordshire in Jordan 65.0

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