While there are many things that need to be done in your interest by a variety of parties, never forget that you also bear responsibility. Your education is the foundation of your future.

Action 1: Be informed about an array of education and job options, available and share this information with friends

You would like to know what is important for you, right? And we assume, educational experiences and career related information are; so, what relevant information do you already have and what can you get? Even if you are already beyond post-secondary education and training, do you have insights that you would like to share with younger people? Are you on any of social online networks – go ahead, form groups with your friends, and get the information exchange flowing.

Action 2: Gaining work experience as a student gives you an important competitive edge, and it helps you stand out and be successful in your future career

Internships are an important key to future success – seek them out. They give you a great chance to get in touch with employers in the fields you find appealing, and to understand their expectations of your desired career path. And there are opportunities beyond the corporate world. Engage yourself in volunteer activities – you can make an important contribution to society, to something that you enjoy, and at the same time this will benefit you greatly.

Action 3: Engage your personal stakeholders (e.g., parents, mentors, teachers) in discussions about your future

Being informed is the first step; being engaged is the next one. If you are currently going through education and training, dare to step up and enter into dialogue with your faculty. Get in touch with employers and bring them to your campus or institute. Make specific suggestions, rather than just complaining to your friends.

Sounds scary? Well, maybe it does – but this is about your future, the future of your friends, the future of your brothers and sisters. It is your responsibility.

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