Medical Informatics Engineering

Secondary education streams:
Health informatics is the field of science and engineering that aims at developing methods and technologies for the acquisition, processing, and study of patient data, which can come from different sources and modalities, such as electronic health records, diagnostic test results, medical scans. The health domain provides an extremely wide variety of problems that can be tackled using computational techniques.Health informatics is a spectrum of multidisciplinary fields that includes study of the design, development and application of computational innovations to improve health care. The disciplines involved combines medicine fields with computing fields, in particular computer engineering, software engineering, information engineering, bioinformatics, bio-inspired computing, theoretical computer science, information systems, data science, information technology, autonomic computing, and behavior informatics. In academic institutions, medical informatics research focus on applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare and designing medical devices based on embedded systems. In some countries term informatics is also used in the context of applying library science to data management in hospitals. 'Clinical informaticians' are qualified health and social care professionals and 'clinical informatics' is a subspecialty within several medical specialties. ..More on Wikipedia
Universities with the lowest accepted score to the program
Yarmouk University 86.7
German Jordanian University 75.0

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